COVID Safety In Salon

Coronavirus pic for website.png

COVID is still a part of a huge problem in everyday life and it's vital we play our part to help safeguard and protect our team, our clients and their friends and family.

In salon we've now implemented a new system to help identify when it's safe to use each station, you'll see them when you visit us in salon, this system is represented by cards which are:

Green cards  - station is clean

Yellow cards - station in use

Red card - station needs cleaning

Client Info 

When you next visit us in salon for an appointment, please be sure to help us safeguard everyone within the salon by following these simple rules:

  • please come alone and on time to your appointment 

  • please wear a mask throughout your appointment (unless exempt)

  • please bring bag for your coat as we cannot hang them up

  • we are not serving refreshment and no magazines but feel free to bring your own or

  • you can have drinks delivered from inside the 22 using their app

  • and we have an app for digi mags to use in salon 

If you have and concerns regarding safety within the salon relating to COVID-19, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.