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The brand Schwarzkopf is a hair cosmetic brand that represents quality, expertise and innovation for more than 120 years. Schwarzkopf enjoys full trust of consumers.

Schwarzkopf stands for innovation, reliability, quality, trust and competence - these are the foundations on which our business thrives. We are driven by a passion for creating beautiful hair and this is reflected in each of our products.


Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Treatment is an innovative efficient and safe method of transforming frizzy unruly hair into smooth, soft and gleaming hair. (Keratin is a protein which is the main ingredient in human nails, hair and skin structure, as result if you apply it to your hair, it undergoes a thorough renovation and revitalisation.
Cocochoco professional Keratin Treatment does not harm the natural form of the hair but it restores it by complementing any deficiencies
The treatment can be applied on both virgin and treated hair, the procedure will take from 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on length and hair type, when the process is finished you can notice the influence of Coco Choco Professional hair Keratin treatment at once.


Whilst almost all hair care products main ingredient is Aqua (water) The main ingredient in Eufora is Aloe. Aloe is soothing and healing so not only are these products great for your hair but they also look after the health of your scalp.
There are no artificial fragrances or added colourants. All the scents are aromotherapy oils which are relaxing and promote well being.
Our stylists can provide you with a personal perscription so you can get the best care for your hair and scalp with this suberb range.

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