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The difference between salon products and supermarket hair products.

We all want to save money whenever possible. We look for good deals, perhaps clip coupons, look for the best interest rates – whatever it is that helps. But sometimes, spending less money does not truly equate saving.

This is certainly true when it comes to hair care.

While there are definitely more costly hair care and styling products available at non-salon locations than there once was, this does not mean that those products are equal to those used in salons.

In fact, even if you happen across salon products at a drug store or other venue, it doesn’t mean that they are of equal quality to the ones at the salon.

Don’t believe it? Consider these facts about the difference between salon products and supermarket shelf hair products.

Why Salon Hair Care Products are Better

Diversion – No, this isn’t a distraction technique, unless you count the fact that it misleads people into thinking they are getting quality products at a reduced rate. Rather, diversion is when a company purchases salon products in bulk, then stores them in a warehouse for several years until the barcodes (not to mention the product) expire then they sell them to chain stores to be sold at a discount.

You, the consumer, may think you have found a steal, but you are the only person being robbed. So, how can you avoid getting robbed? Should you run across a salon product at the store, check the logo for discrepancies, but especially note the barcode.

Quite often, there will be a new barcode slapped on top of the original one.

Price Gouge – It sounds crazy, but many times those salon products found at the drugstore are actually a few pounds more.

So, now you are paying more for a lesser quality product. Definitely, not a savings! Keep in mind, that you will get anywhere between 65 and 85 washes from a bottle of shampoo from the salon because you will need to use less of it for a better result.

Dilution – While the drugstore hair product may contain some of the same high end ingredients like salon products, there is so little of the actual ingredient, and a significantly greater amount of chemicals, that what you are really doing is drying out your hair. Sure, they may make your hair soft, but ultimately, a waxy build-up is left behind.

The salon products have more vitamins, oils and minerals that are not watered down or “boosted” with chemicals. Ideally, you want hair products high in sodium laureth sulfosuccinate vitamins, oils and minerals, 18-MGA, vegetable glycerin and natural ingredients known to benefit hair.

You need avoid product such as sodium chloride, parabens, dimethicon, petroleum, propelyne glycol and sulfates – all of which are common fillers in non-salon products.

pH Levels – Because of all the extra chemicals used in non-professional products, the average drug store product has a pH range of 4.5 to 5.5, while salon products range between 5 and 7 – which is considered neutral. Consequently, you may as well be washing your hair with baking soda.

Just because you can spend less at the drugstore, it doesn’t mean that you are getting the same care. A salon styling product, shampoo, and conditioner will last longer and work so much better than the cheaper attempts at hair care products that you will wonder what ever made you think they saved you money! 

The next time you're visiting us in salon speak to your stylist about the professional products we use in salon such as our Eufora range or Schwarzkopf and let them demonstrate the results you can achieve whilst carrying out your regular home hair care routine.

Once you've tried and tested the ranges and you see the results and affordability they provide, we're confident you'll never go back to using high street brands.

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