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GHD needs no introductions, a decade on and they still remain the best hair straightners on the market. Whether you have short, medium, long, fine or thick hair, GHD and Klickers have an iron or hairdryer for you.

Flip-In Hair is a brilliant hair extension piece which offers an innovative alternative to achieving longer, thicker hair in minutes – without damaging your hair in any way
Forget gluing, clipping and weaving – Flip-In Hair is a temporary, instant hair extension which simply sits on your head and stays perfectly in place thanks to an undetectable, transparent wire which is hidden by your own hair.

Eufora is truly and simply a superior quality Hair Care Range

Whilst almost all hair care products main ingredient is Aqua (water) The main ingredient in Eufora is Aloe. Aloe is soothing and healing so not only are these products great for your hair but they also look after the health of your scalp.
There are no artificial fragrances or added colourants. All the scents are aromotherapy oils which are relaxing and promote well being.
Our stylists can provide you with a personal perscription so you can get the best care for your hair and scalp with this suberb range.

Aphlexior brings an exciting and lasting revolution to the hair industry. This unique product offers exciting opportunities for clients – from a deep and lasting reconstruction of damaged hair to allowing bleaching, ultralift and other chemical services to be performed whilst preserving the hair quality (perming, keratin straightening, hair colouring), but most importantly Aphlexior changes the life of clients who suffer from “less than perfect hair”.

Ask our stylists now about the stand alone treatment or the colour treatments that are added into your colour to help protect your hair and help the longevity of the colour

Eufora’s NEW Thickening Collection utilises breakthrough technology introducing Aloe Stem Cells eufora thickening colland Eufora’s Pro Amino Peptide Complex to the hair and scalp combatting hair loss and helping to give you shiny, strong and healthy hair This new collection promotes hair growth with its breakthrough technology.

The full set costs £75.00 or you can purchase the individual products from £18.85

Products that speak your language. Products that feel great, smell great, and above all perform. Eufora Hero for Men is designed for the selective man who deserves to look as good as he feels.

La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment, with collagen, is a revolutionary process that has the ability to transform hair to its healthy, shiny state.

Unlike other products available on the market, La-Brasiliana protein replenishes the condition of the hair, without damage, and can be used on all hair types.

The treatment creates a glossy finish and immediately visible results that last up to 12 weeks. After treatment with La-Brasiliana, hair maintenance is virtually effortless and unscathed by humidity, rain, or perspiration.

The Treatment is perfect for frizzy, unruly and curly hair, long or short.